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Chasing Dragons, City of Ashes, Late Night Legacy & That Band - Blueberry Hill Studios, Leeds -

Chasing Dragons Tour Poster

On Friday 21st October I attended a gig at Blueberry Hill Studios in Kirkstall, Leeds and on the bill were Chasing Dragons, City of Ashes, Late Night Legacy and That Band.

Up First was opening act That Band and the interesting thing about this band is their youngest members are only 11 years old and they are most certainly musically gifted and the cover songs that they chose not only complimented their ability levels but also the style of band that it is. This is a band that are still finding their feet and they were thrown in at the deep end with this gig and they pretty much nailed it. Everything was spot on albeit a few minor mistakes with timing but that will come when they have played a few more gigs however there was one major problem that needs to be solved for this band to reach their full potential and that problem is the bass player. The bass was excessively overdriven, way too loud to the point that it was drowning other members of the band out and flat out painfully unpleasant to listen to. The aim of this band is to showcase the talents of its youngest members and that is not possible with a bass player as loud as that. I think i speak for everyone who was in attendance that night when i say... TURN THE BLOODY THING DOWN !!!

Up next came one of my favourite acts of the evening, I am in fact talking about the Bluesy, Groovy, Funk laden stylings of local band Late Night Legacy. Oh My God I can't say enough good things about this band. They looked, Sounded and felt like they belonged on a bigger stage. The charisma and stage presence of the frontman Ryan and the funky, funky tunes on offer from the brilliant musicians in the band drew me in immediately and kept me hooked for the entirety of their set. The vibe that i got from this band which i even said on the night was it is this is what it would sound like if Eddie vedder sang for Incubus or The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their track "I am an Eagle" really resonated with me as I am as they put it "at the bottom of my bank balance but still chasing a dream" if you like funk, soul, blues, rock and everything in between there is something for you and I would highly recommend them and will definitely be attending more of their gigs. These guys are a must see band and definitely one to watch out for in the future.

After them came Special Guests City of Ashes who initially I thought sounded a bit Generic when compared with the current climate of music. They have that Pop Rock/Alt Rock sound about them which eventually grew on me the more i listened to them and by the end i loved them. The frontmans Stage presence or lack thereof as he spent most of the time running round the crowd like a madman made their set feel a lot more intimate like he was one of us and not some kind of titan singing AT us from stage but rather WITH us in the crowd. The turning point for me was the ballad "Sometimes" which had me in tears (as a male Heavy Metal fan i aren't afraid to admit that) as it covers the topic of Mental Health which not only I but thousands if not millions suffer from in silence everyday I would highly suggest you take time out to watch the short film/music video for this track. All in all this is another band who looked, sounded and felt like they belonged on a bigger stage and i would highly recommend them too

Finally we come to the Headline Act, the coup de grace, the piece de resistance that is Chasing Dragons. A band I have waited almost 2 years to see if not more. I have wanted to see this band ever i since i played "Spawn of the succubus" on my radio show way back when. I can honestly say they did not disappoint. The energy and attitude you feel from listening to their tracks on a cd or MP3 translates perfectly to their live shows and the interaction with the crowd again makes us, the audience, part of the experience. It was fun watching Joshua from that band losing his mind when these guys took to the stage (the future of rock and metal is strong with kids like him taking the mantle) it is easy to see why these guys recently played bloodstock festival although they do deserve a far bigger stage than what they played there. The energy from the stage permeated around the room and every single person there felt it. this is again another band who should be playing a bigger stage and i would recommend them till i'm blue i'm the face. I would definitely expect massive things from them in the near future.

In summary every band on the bill tonight deserve to be playing bigger stages whether that's right now (in the case of late night legacy, city of ashes and chasing dragons) or some point in the future after they have worked out any kinks they may have (Here's looking at you That Band). Every band on this bill should be incredibly proud of themselves.

Before i go... That Bands bass player TURN IT DOWN !!!

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